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Welcome to our clinic Jardins da Rocha

Praia da Rocha – Portimão – Algarve

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Clínica Jardins da Rocha

Jardins da Rocha Clinic was established in 2011 as a result of cooperation between Jardins da Rocha and several experts in the field of health. Our goal is to provide health care in different areas, with the best quality and personal attention. We have various specialties and growing.


  • Podiatry is a health science that analyses and investigates specifically the foot, with the objective of preventing, diagnosing and treating the many different foot pathologies and their effects on the human body.

    Infant Podiatry: The evaluation of an infants foot is extremely important to insure correct growth and avoid posterior problems.

    Elderly Podiatry: As a person gets older, prolonged untreated problems need special attention to maintain mobility and to avoid pain.

    Sport Podiatry: Sport as a hobby, profession or simply just a way to keep fit physically and physiologically. However some injuries of the foot may limit your sport routine and is this case podiatry helps to treat them.

    Work Podiatry: Some day to day jobs require us to stand for long periods of time, which has effects on the foot. To minimize those problems we have to analyse each specific situation and each individual foot.

    Preventative Podiatry: Nowadays, prevention is the best way to avoid possible pathologies. It is very important to get examined, the main objective of this area is to raise awareness and to prevent developing various pathologies on the foot.

    • – Corns and Calluses
    • – Athlete’s Foot
    • – Blisters
    • – Bunions
    • – Foot Odor
    • – Hammer toe
    • – Heel Pain
    • – Spurs
    • – Ingrown Nails
    • – Wrats
    • – Diabetic Foot
  • Physical therapy can be defined as a science applied to the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of functional kinetic disorders of organs and systems. It studies, diagnoses, prevents and treats, among others, kinetic-functional (biomechanics and human performance) disorders arising from organic and human systems disorders. Additionally, physical therapy studies the beneficial effects of physical resources such as body movement, currents and electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound, among others, in the human body.

    • – Recovery
    • – Respiratory
    • – Pediatric
    • – Orthopedic
    • – Oncology
    • – Ortophedic surgery
    • – Rheumatology
    • – Sportive Respiratory
    • – Neurological
    • – Geriatrics
    • – Gynecologic
  • Massages help to stimulate blood and lymph circulation and improve the distribution of water , hormones and nutrients throughout the body, it helps to eliminate fluid retention, preventing swelling and reducing edema. Improves the functions of the internal organs and promotes renewal of cells and hydrating the skin therefore preventing wrinkles. Relaxes your body and mind, reduces tension and pain and prevents stress, depression and anxiety. The benefits of massages are unquestionable, come and find out which one is best for you.

    • – Personalised Massage
    • – Relaxing Massage
    • – Localized Massage
    • – Therapeutic Massage
    • – Sports Massage
    • – Prenatal Massage
    • – Head, Hand and Foot Massage
    • – Hot Candles Massage
    • – Hot Stone Massage
  • Maintaining a good appearance is fundamental for improving self-esteem and feeling good about your body. The treatments we offer incorporate unique and personalised services by highly qualified professionals in the area of facial and body aesthetics for both male and female , with the highest technology for the best quality.

    • – Wax (Hot / Cool)
    • – Photoepilation
    • – Facial Treatments
    • – Body Treatments
  • Eating disorders are quite common in today’s society and especially among teens and young adults prevail. The consequences of malnutrition are not only serious for the physical health, but also psychological and emotional health.

    Areas of Intervention:
    • – Anemia
    • – Anorexia
    • – Bulimia
    • – High Cholesterol
    • – Diabetes
    • – Hypertension
    • – Renal Insufficiency
    • – Gastrointestinais
    • – Thinness, with difficulty of gaining weight
    • – Gastrointestinal Problems
    • – Obesity
    • – Food Voracity
    • – Constipation
    What we do:
    • – Anthropometric Measurements
    • – Body Fat Measurements
    • – Muscle Mass Measurements
    • – Bone Mass Measurements
    • – Glucose Measurements
    • – Cholesterol Measurements
    • – Blood Pressure Measurements

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Recruitment: If you want to be part of our team please feel free to contact us.
We only accept applications from health professionals.
Apartamentos Jardins da Rocha
Avenida V3, 8500-801 Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Portugal
Tel: +351 282 424 534